The Leveler

This magical radiation infused monstrosity known as the leveler for his ability to level things with his mind!


Telekinesis 12 (Magic -10%, Gigantism -10%, Makes him start glowing neon blue providing light as per a lantern and his eyes turn emerald green and provide light as per a flashlight when in use providing a +5 on sense rolls to see him or a -5 on stealth rolls as the situation may warrant -10%, Loud cacophonous sounds echo all about the areas of his influence providing the effects of 5 levels of the noisy disadvantage -10%, No blunt trauma -20%, Double Knockback +20%, Selective Area +20%, Must provide gestures -10%, Visible -20%, Extended Duration (maintains for 3 rounds after concentration ends) +20%, Area effect (4 yards) +100%) for a total of 8.5 points per level.

Compartmentalized Mind 1 (Telekinesis Only 1/5, Magic -10%, Gigantism -10%) for a total of 8 points per level.

Appearance (Monstrous) -20 points

Gigantism (-10% to mental ability costs and +1 lifting st with his telekinesis) -0 points

Brawling (DX/Easy) Skill = 11 (4 points)

Throwing! (DX/Very Hard) [Covers: Dropping (DX/Average), Throwing (DX/Average), Thrown Weapon (ALL) (DX/Easy)] Skill = 7 (6 points)

Point total 100/100, Flaw total 20/20


The Leveler

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