The seductress of the new apocalyptic age, if only pleasure and pain weren't so closely related...


Innate Attack (Crushing) 1 (Magic -10%, Melee Attack C -30%, Side Effect (Slave Mentality versus her only) w/ extended duration (permanent) +220%, Selectivity +10%, No Wounding -50%, No knockback -10%, No Blunt trauma -20%, Melee Assisted +50%) for a total of 13 points per level.

Innate Attack (Toxic) 1 (Magic -10%, Sense based (Sight) -20%, Side Effect (Add augmenting perk or decreasing quirk to sexual body parts) w/ extended duration (permanent) and Cumulative effects +621%, No Wounding -50%, Takes 2 rounds to perform -10%, While spending the 2 rounds to “attack” she is more vulnerable to magic as per the disadvantage Magic Susceptibility 2 -6%) for a total of 25 points per level.

Affliction (Ecstasy or Agony) 2 (Magic -10%, Sense based (Hearing) -20%, Selectivity between Ecstasy or Agony +110%) for a total of 18 points per level.

Extra ST 1 – 10 points, Extra Hp 2 – 4 points, Extra DX 1 – 20 points

Do it with Style (No penalties from high heels) and Weapon Bond (Dildo of Death) – 2 points

Brawling (DX/Easy) Skill = 13 (2 points)

Mace/Axe (DX/Average) Skill = 14 (2 points + 1 from Weapon Bond) Parry = 10 (1/2 skill + 3)

Gun (SMG) (DX/Easy) Skill = 13 (1 point + 1 from laser sight)

Appearance (Aphrodite-esk, Transcendant, Universal, Androgeneous looks +5 to reaction rolls from everything, and chauvinistic towards men) – 12 points

Nymphomania (Obsessed with sexual actions and will even perform them on harmless sexual looking objects like a knot hole in a tree or with the phallic looking hilt of a sword) Resist on a 12 or less and cannot resist one sexual temptation she may need to per day. -20 points

100/100 points used, 20/20 flaws taken, Tree Flaws: Quirk – Chauvinistic (Men)


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