Magic and Rads

Introductions Take 1

2 of the adventurers start the game in a recently abandoned settlement where they are some of the last sentry’s on a skeleton crew overlooking the encampment, comrades in arms working for the militia of this once prosperous settlement they have a good relationship despite their obvious differences, unfortunately they were not informed that a new prospective employer would be coming in via air vehicle and upon its decent heard sounds similar to that of a incoming missile warning looking to the sky they see the sun reflecting quite heavily off this large metallic object that is rapidly descending and perceive it to be the missile in which the perceived siren was warning them of. So, they hop in Ranma’s sedan and head out in a b-line for the exact opposite direction of the “missile” at that point the start hitting some bumpy off road in the vehicle and Ranma’s poor driving nearly gives his partner a concussion. Fortunately the next bump is anticipated to be lethal by his companion and no harm befalls him… then they hit the chasm which unfortunately Ranma failed to notice and started careening off of. His partner to concerned with the poor driving skills of his friend doesn’t look to the road till its too late and a mostly submerged light post rams through the passenger side of the car tearing a good section of the right side of the car and Ranma’s teammate’s face off. At this point Ranma starts to get the vehicle under control but then hits another rough patch and goes flying into the back despite his seat belt. At which point his teammate not knowing how vehicles work decides to give it a go and accidentally opens the trunk releasing Ranma into mid air. At this point he trys to jump out the window and gets stuck on the steering column with nothing but his shoulders and head sticking out the window, himself unfortunately pinned. And then the sedan hits the bottom of the chasm drivers side first followed by an near immediate impact into the roof of the vehicle (and the canoe strapped to the top) by Ranma which cases the vehicle to roll ripping his poor teammate in half. Ranma then lay there half conscious slowly bleeding to death hoping that help would arrive soon unfortunately help only arrived in time to see the sedan explode and what remained of Ranma now decorated the chasm, the canoe still remains unaccounted for.


This was unbelievably funny when it happened, especially when it came to light that the “nuke” was my ship.

Introductions Take 1

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